What else!

I know that writing and putting words down in phrases, sentences etc, orders my thinking which is very visual,  definitely ‘three dimensional’ with ideas continually swirling around and remixing. Putting some things down in words captures and records this. It is there in a form that others can understand and interact with and to which I can refer and edit. This is useful both for me,  for my colleagues and I hope for others too.

I would prefer not to have put things down works as I do not find writing at all easy. But I know that doing it makes it easier so it is an exercise that I should keep up. Hence starting a blog. As a lot of my thinking centres around my work, our company Anarkik3D and the AnarkikAngel project to develop Cloud9 I look forward to lots of interest and comments as feedback is a powerful thing especially if it is two-way and constructive!


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