The weekend was very interesting as I had 2 friends visit, both applied artists, 1 I have known for at least 20 years and the other a new friend. The new friend was visiting to try the Cloud9 haptic (virtual touch) software we have been developing and which is based on research we carried out between 2000 – 2005, and the DrawnReality demonstrator created in 2007. Cloud9 is now being  developing through our AnarkikAngels crowd sourcing project ( They tried both Cloud9 as well as DrawnReality. Broadly they are both sketch/modelling software using virtual touch (haptics) as force feedback, in that you can actually feel your models and interact in a three dimensional space and both are intuitive to use  – that is the objective. The differences between these two are as follows:

Cloud9 is a commercial product/DrawnReality is a demonstrator

Cloud9 uses Novint’s Falcon which is 3 Degrees of Freedom (no rotation)/DrawnReality uses Sensable’s OMNI which is 6DoF (rotation in 3DoF)

Cloud9 and the Falcon is affordable/DrawnReality with the OMNI isn’t.

So what was so interesting about the Weekend? They both preferred Cloud9 with  its hybrid interface and the way we are developing for the Falcon haptic device, finding it very intuitive to use and quick and easy to grasp which buttons to use for smooth and fluid interactions. This is interesting for me as it is validation of the efforts we are making programming for the Falcon to achieve a commercial application that is as good as DrawnReality BUT affordable. So my heartfelt thanks to my visitors for this feedback and big big thanks to our programmers for the effort and the thinking they are putting into the software.

My work to date using Cloud9 has been the necessary model making to test the application and the new functions added. I am just going to have to make a huge space of time to do my own design work using Cloud9.

Digital image from Cloud9

Watch this space!


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