Cloud9 demos

17th July 2011: The latest demo of Cloud, Anarkik3D’s haptic 3D sketch modelling package was to a group at Edinburgh Hacklab ( based at Out of the Blue in Dalmeny Street. This was very hands-on, fun and  informal and in total contrast to the  PP presentations from Robomotic (develops embedded wireless sensor platforms) and Spectral Robotics (Hacklab residents developing novel modular robot connectors which will allow robots to change shape). The two talks were very informative and interesting (I will admit that quite a bit went over the top of my head!)and both had ‘show and tell/ask’ stuff at hand.

Sjoerd from Monobanda having a go

The pic on the right (also taken by Suzanne) is Sjoerd of MONOBANDA, the first up when invited to have a go with the haptic device. I was sitting next to him at dinner and described what Anarkik3D does so he was eager to try the kit and software – he is impressed!

Earlier in the afternoon I gave short, hands-on workshops at BNO’s Offices to two groups of their members to introduce Cloud9 and virtual touch, to get feedback for the development of the software to make it even better.


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