About Xiaoqing on Ada Lovelace day

Xiaoqing testing an application

Xiaoqing testing an application

This is to celebrate the talents of Xiaoqing Cao who is the technical manager and senior programmer in our Company, Anarkik3D Ltd. She is also a co-founder of the company and we have been working together since Summer 2005 developing haptic software. She is extra special as not only has she skills in computer science she is also an artist and combines her sensibilities,  talent and skills to create elegant software applications that are so visually satisfying too. Having a high level of aesthetics embedded in our products is important as the main group who use our applications, designers, applied artists and artists, will instinctively ‘evaluate’ the software on what the interface looks like and how well they can interact with it. 

Our company is founded and led by the two of us and we are proud that we are at the leading edge developing haptic (virtual touch) technology for application in the creative industries.

I am also really pleased to have the opportunity here to acknowledge  the others in the team, Abi and Mark, as together we are a great team with an excellent range of talents between us which we need to remain at this front edge and especially now as this is difficult time for small business.

Today we celebrate the bringing together of science, art and design!