Testing next Cloud9 release


This stage of software development is exciting, testing that new developments for the next release of Cloud9 combine well with existing functions. The additions for Version2.1 include improvements to Boolean (uniting 2 objects into 1, subtracting 1 from another, and subtracting both objects to leave the area in which they overlapped as a new form), slicing an object with a flat plane, wire mode, sub-meshing and reducing mesh, and controlling moving an object in x, y, and z axes.

Anarkik3D has 2 methods for testing its haptic software package.

The standard one is methodically ploughing through all the functions and features, testing one main one against all the others, separately, then in scenarios, recording anomalies and  bugs plus noting inconsistencies and usability issues.

As Cloud9 is for applied artists, designers, makers, artists, etc, a sector known for a ‘what if’ approach to concept development and for whom serendipity has value as an aid in ‘out-of-the-box thinking, Cloud9 has these as default settings. So strange combinations of functions are going to be used. We therefore wisely test Cloud9 under as many designing/ sketching/ exploring/ playing situations as possible.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I use my experience as a designer maker and jeweller as the pre-pre alpha tester, use exhibition themes or requests as the brief, and the deadlines for focus. Just occasionally the brief is my own, something that has been mulling away and just needs the little window to get on and do it. Today was such a day as for a few hours I wasn’t able to access either my emails or the internet, and I needed to re-test part of a test scenario.

With the test completed and no more to add to the report, and Cloud9 running, I had a fabulous 90 minute slot designing the candlestick above. All that’s needed now is the dimension of a standard candle to scale the candlestick and hole to fit it. And I didn’t come across any bugs

to block my flow and to report. What bliss!

A good New Year Resolution will be putting aside a block of time each week when emails and internet are firmly switched off. Is there an app out there that can be set to perform this task – or keep at me and remind me of the benefits of doing this?

I have just thought of another NY resolution ……..


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