Cloud9 Version 2.0: intensive user testing then release!

Regular readers will have guessed that I am passionate about digital designing  (especially our own Anarkik3D’s haptic Cloud9 software!) and ‘fabbing’, applying my knowledge and experiences as a jeweller/maker to first design and then 3D printing. For a wearable piece the next part is finishing whether painting, dying the object, fixing units together and adding other elements such as a brooch pin.

The last piece of work I did is for the InsideOut exhibition. The concept of InsideOut is for a group in the UK and a group in Australia to each create a mini digital piece that will fit into a 6 cm cube. Ours are sent to the organisers in Australia and theirs are sent to the UK. 2 sets are 3D printed for 2 parallel exhibitions here and there. The Australian one opens in June and the UK one online first then at participating institutions. For up-to-date information:

I plan to use the elements that make up my ‘cube’ for a design for a brooch. My next blog will about this piece. I will use the process of designing this brooch to test the new functions that we have added to Version 2.0 of Cloud9 which is due for release in June. For April and May we are setting up a system to intensively and iteratively test and debug Cloud9 V2.0.

It works like this: we organise a schedule of 12 x ½ days , 2 or 3 days apart, for ‘testing’ with one person per ½ day from a volunteer line-up of designers, applied artists and artists who are invited to use V2 (beta) to create a piece/pieces of work and file a report on issues, bugs, niggles, etc, and crashes! And what they like! The team will then work through these reports in the 2-3 days between testing to debug and sort out issues, to present the next tester/user with the improved Cloud9 V2.0. We will do this in our office as observing the users’ interactions, what they do, how they do it, how they cope with the interface and use the Falcon haptic device is very important tacit feedback into the development of our application.

I had a meeting with A1 Technologies last week in London and went through V2 features and improvements with them so they are up to speed for marketing, launching and informing customers of what is coming.

So watch this space.


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